How to choose a good Artiste stage name

They is a great inner war in the heart of every music artiste especially the up and coming ones who is not yet established. The act of selecting a good stage name that fits you can be very difficult, stressful and confusing for so many artiste.

I am writing this article with full knowledge of what am writing about because I have been in this situation before.

They was a time that I was very confused as an upcoming artiste. I started music with the stage name Mr surd which I later changed because this is not a good stage name. Mr surd is not a good stage name because Mr surd is already a famous as a mathematician who founded the Surd topics in mathematics so therefore , google and other major search engine will confuse the difference between me and the mathematical Mr surd.

I decided to change the name to Behza, yes Behza but the truth to be told is Behza a good stage name? If you ask me , I won’t say yes and I won’t say no because it has some of the criteria that I will be listing here as a good stage name and it also has some of the bad criteria too. I didn’t end there, I later changed it to Beza, yes this is not a bad stage name at all but it also failed in one good stage name criteria but the truth is , I can’t changed it further because I have done few tracks with the name vocally imprinted on the songs, I also changed several names in the process of concluding as Beza , all are good and better stage name but I can’t change it because I have done several song with the name and a lot of people around already know me with the name so I decided to stick to my Beza which am still using till today.

Things to avoid in selecting a stage name

They is no name that is bad and they is no name that is Good but they are some names that are really bad for a music artiste because your name is your identity and your trade mark.

Below are few things you should avoid when choosing a stage name:


As a music artiste, you need to totally avoid selecting long names as your artiste name. I highly recommend that any single name longer than 10 letters is not a good stage name unless your are using two names as in your name and a surname which is also generally accepted, your name and surname is not necessary your real name, you can chose two words as a stage name which places you on that category.


Yes, especially as an artiste who focuses on English and English speaking country, you should avoid unnecessary characters, using too much characters and punctuation marks in your name may lead to confusion in pronouncing your stage name.


You should try as much as you can to avoid non English names especially as an English artiste. If you are using your local name, make sure it is also pronounceable in English, this will also make your name easy to pronounce for first time listeners.


As an artiste who is ready to make it in the music industry should avoid over used names, it will be very hard to find a name that is not used this days because of the advent of social networks and increase in entertainers number across the world but you should try as much as possible to get a name that is yet to be used , even if it is used, it should be just very few people around your country and in the world that is using that name , if you should use a popular name, you should change the spelling, names like Gods time, John, peter, Gabriel and the rest are not good stage name because of its over use.


The reason I said you should avoid childhood nick names is this, most people have gotten strange nick name in their childhood stage probably because of the way they act, the way they look or behave but the truth is that, most of this names are not good for an artiste because they mostly sound strange, funny and some cannot even be spelt. You should avoid using childhood Nicknames, instead , go with a brand new name if possible.

Steps to choose a good stage name as a music artiste

They are several ways to choose a good stage name as a music artiste which I will be discussing in details below

1)Select a good name you love and have passion for

You need to select a name you love so much and have passion for, if you don’t select a name you have passion for, you may likely change the name later again which is not good for your career.

2) Make sure the name is not over used

You should make sure that the name you selected is not yet over used, if it is over used, please select another one. You can check the over usage by using popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

3) Make sure the name is not used by already famous artiste

This is another major step to consider, you should make sure that your name is not used by an already famous artiste because this will go a long way in delaying or not making you famous at all and may even get you into legal issues and know one will listen to your song take for example, an upcoming artiste answering Cardi B or Jay Z, its not gonna work.

4) Make sure the name is available on social networks

You should make sure that your name is available on social networks because your artiste name is your identity and it won’t help you at all if you are using another name outside your artiste name in your social network user names. If your name is not available, try to add words like official, iam, we, his, real, etc at the beginning or end of your user name which is your artiste stage name on Instagram, Twitter and others.

5) Use simple and easy to pronounce names

Don’t use names that cannot be pronounced by people who are not familiar with your language, use names that can be easily pronounced around the word, I will strongly advice using an English name.

6) Use names that is easy to spell

Use name that is easy to spell, don’t use names that is difficult to spell because it will cost a lot of problem for you and you will notice a lot of mistakes in your name spelling in adverts, bill boards and banners as an upcoming artiste.

7) Use names that can be easily remembered

Don’t use names that is difficult to remember, use names that can be easily remembered and recalled because this will go a long way in helping your fame and fans base grow and it will also spreading your name in every ones mouth and brain.

8) Make sure the name is not yet used in music streaming platforms

They are famous and necessary music streaming platform you need to consider before selecting an artiste name, examples are Spotify, Apple music, iTunes, SoundCloud, reverbnation, Audiomack and other. You need to consider them because most have this program that is running on a single name per artiste system which will automatically place your song on a wrong artiste profile is both of you bear same name. It can be resolved by messaging the streaming platform via email or their contact form by your distributor or label but to avoid this stress of waiting for few weeks to get your song on your real artiste profile, it is better to use an artiste name which is not yet used. You can do this by going g to the above mentioned music streaming platforms and check if it is used by easily using their search.

9) Don’t use your real name unless your real name is unique:

Totally avoid your real name unless your real name is very unique, the truth is , it is very hard to see parents give their children new or unique real names so the percentage of your name as in single name being over use is very high.

10) Avoid Africa Surnames

As an Africa based artiste, you should try as much as possible to avoid Africa surnames because most Africa surnames are very hard to pronounce by people who are not from same tribe as you and this will go a long way in bringing down your artiste and name fame. Most Africa surnames are not in English and some of them can be very long. If you want to use your family identity in addition to your name, try using your fathers English name for example if your name is John and your original surname is Ovieluweoghene and your fathers name is Richards, you can decide to use John Richards and avoid the surname.

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