Factors to consider before recording a song in the studio

The are several musicians who just wake up and jump into the studio to record a track or songs without considering several factors, they are several factors to consider before going to the studio to record that your song because the studio is not free so in other not to waste your money, it is advice to read carefully and understand this factors because this factors will surely help you to be successful in that your song you want to record.

To record a song, EP, Album or even few songs is not difficult for you as an artiste because it is already accepted that before you call your self a music artiste, you must be a talented singer and a good song writer which are the major criteria which makes you a musicians but the issue is the ability for this song to go out of the studio and hit the the street and worldwide which is your purpose of recording that song.

This factors are mostly important to upcoming and not established artiste because they require more effort and they also encounter more financial issues in their recording and music production stage.

Below I will be listing the factors you should consider before recording a song in the studio

1)Quality of the studio and producer

First and fore most, before your enter the studio to record any song, you need to consider the quality of the studio and the capability of the producer, they are so many producers out there in the streets, towns and cities that are not good at all, they don’t know how to mix and master well and they are not musically advanced, this producers will surely spoil your song and it will make you look like an untalented artiste and will even lead to wastage of money.

As an upcoming artiste, you need to check other songs in which the producer have recorded for other artiste, check two or three and compare and contrast the songs and the producer and go for the best. Remember the best is always the best and your song will do better with the best, don’t record your song in a low quality studio and a poorly skilled producer.

2) Availability of Promotion finance and support

You need to also take into account the availability of promotion finance and support. When I use the word support, I mean man power and sponsors that will help your push your songs. It is not just enough to record your song, it is also very important to make sure that you will promote, market and push your song.

I have seen several musicians who visits the studio frequently to record nice songs but still the songs are not well played in the public and no one knows them or their songs because the finance for promotion is not available so they only do the little they can but little is not enough to make you a star, you need to do much, you need to promote your songs on TV, radios, internet, streets, banners etc which is very expensive. So before you decide to record that your nice song, consider the after studio expenses and promotion cost, if you don’t have the finance yet, hold on, don’t waste the little money you have at hand, use it for other things, work more on the song and when you have the money, you can record the song and promote it instead of recording song that only you, your family and friends will listen to.

3) Make sure you already have a nice Album cover

Album cover or track graphical work is what shows the pictorials expression of the song, it is what people see first especially online before downloading or streaming your song. Most blogs or streaming platform that you will promote your song under will surely request for an album cover which will be used as the featured image.

Make sure your album cover as a high quality and modern touch graphics and should be very attractive, you can be using your album cover for pre-promotion that is promotion before releasing the song, you can be sharing your album cover on social networks to your friends before the track finally drops.

Make sure you have a good graphical work or you have plans for a good graphical work before going to the studio to record any song.

4) Lyrical content of the song

You have to consider the lyrical content of the song you want to record. You should make sure the song have a wide and quality lyrics. Even street songs also have lyrics, as an artiste, you should check your fan base, your song pattern and genre and know the kind of lyric to put up , if your consider your lyrics and you discover it is not enough or it is too childish, hold on, don’t proceed to recording because the producer won’t tell you, all he wants his your money, then write more and more till your and your management become satisfy with your lyrical content quantity and quality

5) How many friends have endorsed the song

Before going to the studio to record any song, you need to give the song to few friend who are also musically inclined to listen to it and endorse it. You can do this by recording the song with your cell phone and send it to them online or give it to them to listen to and pay attention to their remark, if majority remarks good, you can proceed to record the song but if majority remark negative, please withdraw and write another song.

6) Quality of the beat

You need to also consider the quality of the beat before proceeding to record your song in the studio. Some beats are poorly made and not good for your locality and music genre especially those artiste who make use of free beats available online.

You should pay proper attention the the quality of the beat and melody before considering recording on the beat in the studio.

7) What type of songs people in your country listen to more

You also need to consider the type of songs people in your country and locality likes and listen to more before you can proceed to the studio to record any song.

It is generally and well known that people in Nigeria for example loves Afrobeat songs more than any other genre of song, people in America loves Hip hop and rap more than other genre and so on and forth. You should take proper study of your country and follow the trend to avoid recording songs that even promotion won’t help matters.

8) Your vocal range

Before moving to any studio to record a song, you should highly consider your vocal range.

Vocal range is simply the limit at which you can go in any given song or note. You need to consider your vocal range not just before going to record it but also before choosing a music genre, writing or choosing a beat.

Every body have different vocal range, don’t try to hit a high key to you can’t hit because it will cause some damage in the song and it will even spoil the song. You need to consider this before using the recordings studio.

9) You personality and physical attributes

You need to consider your personality and physical attribute on less you are ready to change. It is not good to record a song that you don’t live like and you don’t have the attribute of, every music genre, sound, type and rhythms have different way of life for the artiste and singers. You should consider if you can live like an hip hop star before recording a hip hop music, you should consider if you can live the afrobeat livestyle before recording an afrobeat song, you should consider if you have the attribute of being an R n B star before doing R n B etc.

Don’t record song or choose a music genre or type that you don’t have the character and physical attribute of, it won’t sell well because your lifestyle goes a long way in affecting you fan base and your music.

10) Your voice type

You should also consider your voice type before recording any song, you can’t be writing a song which is very high and requires a tinny voice or suprano when you sing base, it won’t work at all because the song won’t have melody.

You should check your voice type very well, we have many voice type and parts which are suprano, auto, tenor, base etc, you should consider the one your sing and check if it suites the song you have in mind to record before proceeding to the studio to record the song.

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