12 ways to make your comedy videos reach more viewers

Today, I will be discussing on 12 major ways in which you can make your comedy videos reach more viewers and fan base all over the world.

They is no sure way on how to make your funny short or long comedy videos reach more viewers and interested people but I will be listing few of the ways which have been tested and worked for other comedians.

I won’t say with this tips, your comedy will reach millions of views but I will say that you will surely reach millions of audience and get so Amy views on your comedy videos if you properly follow and apply this principles and steps.

Who is a viewer

According to the Oxford dictionary, a viewer is:

”A person who looks at or inspects something ”.

This definition from the oxford dictionary is very easy to understand and I believe all my readers are able to understand what I mean by viewers.

To my own understanding, viewers are group of people who looks at, watches and streams your videos in any platform either real life , on television, on stage and online.

Today, I will be focusing mostly on online viewers which is one of the major method in which comedy videos are transmitted and marketed.

They are several online video platform which includes YouTube, Instagram, vivo, vidmate, likee and several others just to mention but a very few. You can also distribute and share videos using Facebook and WhatsApp which is limited to your friends and contacts.

How to get more viewers on your comedy videos across all platforms

Like as i said earlier, we have so many online video platform in which comedians use to share their comedy videos to the whole world which includes YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, VIDMATE, VIVO, FACEBOOK ETC and I am going to be discussing how to get more views on your videos irrespective of the platform(s) you are using.

Now let’s get straight to the main topic of the article and that is how to get more views on your videos across all online video platform.


They are so may video host platform which also offers opportunity for posters to promote and sponsor the post or video to reach more audience. A typical example of platforms which offer easy sponsorship option at a very cheap rate are facebook and Instagram. On facebook and Instagram, posters who share videos on their page or in their handle have an option to promote the video to reach more viewers or audience easily which just few clicks. Note that this promotions are not free but will surely cost your few amount of money which in most times on Facebook and Instagram, the payment options are provided in your country currency and language and can easily be done with your cards.

Study shows that , people who promote their contents online via sponsored post, will surely reach more targeted audience and get more views and fans, this will not only increase your views on a particular video, it will also increase your followers, page likes or subscribers and also increase your fame.

2) Share your videos to friends and followers using the share button

The share button is another option for you to be able to share your video to friends and followers in other social networks and get more views, and you know the amazing thing about this, it is totally free most times.

A typical example of this is YouTube, YouTube offers a very easy option to immediately share your videos with friends on other social network immediately after the upload is completed and you can also decide to share at any time by clicking on the share button directed on the video,s select the app which you will love to share the video to and share.

Other video platforms also offer a free share button on videos, all you need to do is to research on the platform how to share videos to other networks and platforms


You can also run adverts for your videos using so many available video advert platforms. We have a lot of video advert platforms today where you can run adverts for your videos on blogs and others.

You can also contact few video platform blogs which which will offer you cheap promotion on their site at a very affordable price.


You can get a lot of views too by encourage and telling friends to watch your new video which you uploaded on YouTube or any platform. You can do this by mouth telling them or sending them links via WhatsApp or any messaging system you can easily access.


Create nice description for your post and videos. Every video platform offers a description option were you can describe and tell people about your video. This option will also help you a lot because this is what people will use to watch your video, so many people or viewers may stumble into your video on YouTube , Instagram or others and screw pass or may decide to read descriptions first.

Am not saying you should lie or create falsely or deceptive description because this will ruin your image and make your viewers never to return to your channel or timeline. Create real, true, sincere and attractive description on your videos that will attract viewers to watch your videos.

6) Create a comedy video brand

What is a brand

A brand according to oxford dictionary is a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name. You need to understand that as a comedian, your videos is among your brand and it should be taking very serious. You should always deliver all your video under same name no matter the type of video.

You can also generally use your comedy or stage name as the video brand name for example if your stage name is Mr joker, you can use Mr joker comedy as your brand name for your videos, this will always let your fans and your viewers know your are the one that did the video even do you didn’t act or without them watching it.

Your comedy brand name should also be your YouTube channel name and it should be crested on all your videos on the right side top corner or at the extreme bottom end.

7) Advertise your video handle, channel or accessible name on your live shows and performances

As a comedian of any type or kind, they is a high probability you may one day host show, you are already hosting shows or you will be invited to perform in different shows.

Always remember to personally use your mouth to advertise your channel, video handle name or any accessible identity in which people can use to access your videos after your performance or during your performance. I will recommend using this method as a closing remark immediately before you leave the stage. You can say words like ” you can watch my videos at your channel or handle name on your video hosting platform like YouTube.


You can advertise your channel, videos and video handle especially if you are using g YouTube which is the most famous and popular video hosting platform with banners and local medias.

You can decide to contact friends who are hosting shows to please crest your YouTube channel name or your hosting platform name under the sponsored part of the banner, this will increase your fame and also attract a lot of viewers

9) Create unique and funny videos

They is no shorter way to success and fame than being unique. Creating unique videos might be difficult but very important. Unique videos are those videos format that people hardly do, we have seen so may young comedians climb to the top of the YouTube and video Chain without much advert and promotion just because their videos are very unique and funny.

Don’t create videos because some one made it to fame with that type of video, you should create video because you have a unique idea to push out to the public.

Think, think well before you create videos and always make sure your video format is unique and always remember to be unique yourself as a comedian even on stage.


This is another method to get a lot of views on your videos, musicians, actors and famous politicians or business men and woman have a lot of fans, audience and followers, you can decide to turn their identity and name to your own favour by attracting the attention of their followers and audience with your videos about them.

So many comedians do make short and funny videos with the identity of famous musicians, actors and others and get a sky rocket to fame immediately.

This won’t just attract the attention of the famous person, it will also attract the attention of their fans and followers to watch your video.


Its not just enough to use their name, you can also take your step forward by using them self in the video. You can decide to contact a famous music star or movie star or fellow comedian who is more famous than you, make video together under your brand name and watch how the views grow very fast. You will get a combined view of both your fans and his or her fan and it will increase the view rapidly.

In fact this is one of the fasted way to get more views and fame on your comedy videos but it is not easy because it may cost you a lot of money because most of this famous celebrities will charge you a lot especially when you are not close to them. It will be better if you have one of the famous celebrities in any entertainment field as a friend, this will reduce charges and may even go for free.


Yes , this is my last point. You should always remember to make good quality and standard videos, this will always attract viewers to your videos and channel. Nothing chases away viewers more than a low quality and sub standard videos, no one want to watch a video that is not clear or that has bad sounds and this will also give people the impression that you are not serious or that you are a beginner and not professional which will have very great negative effect on your videos.

Gone are the days when where only talent and funny videos takes comedians to stardom, this days, Good quality, uniqueness and promotion also adds as great advantage to your success in your journey to stardom and fame as a comedian.

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