Why all musicians should have a good stage presence

They are so many reasons why music artiste, singers and performing arts should have a good stage presence.

Stage presence according to the oxford dictionary is simply ”the ability to command the attention of a theatre audience by the impressiveness of one’s manner or appearance”.

This may sound not understandable by the common uneducated man but I will explain in a simple understanding. Stage presence is the ability for a musician or a performer to be able to carry his or her stage a long with great performance. Stage presence is needed in any stage performing art field but today, I will be focusing more on the music artiste for the purpose if this topic and blog aim.

I have attended so many music shows and I have seen so many lack of stage presence both in new and established artiste. I was in a show recently when one of the big artiste came on stage , people were like, what his he singing, this place is too dry and all sought of that but immediately one unknown upcoming artiste took his stand on the stage, the whole environment changed, people started clapping and shouting and the place became so lively, so what is the difference between the first artiste and the second one who is just an upcoming? The answer is simply, the second one have a very good stage presence.

Stage presence can also means the ability to cheer up the grows and make them enjoy your performance. A singer or musician who can’t control and cheer the grows no matter how much or how well you can sing will not get as much fan base and your shows will always be empty

Take a look at so many great rock bands, they way the behave and act on stage just to cheer up and entertain the fans is what I mean by a good stage presence


They is a great different between shows and how to perform there. The way you perform in a music concert field with youth is different from the way you perform in a marriage ceremony, the way you perform in a government or corporate organization party is different from the way you perform in an afrobeat or an hip hop concert.

You need to understand the place you are and how to perform there. They is no ste rules or principles on how to perform in any of the above shows or party but I will be pointing out few show types I can and tell you how to perform there.


You should know that any one who bought your ticket to a music show is ready for what you have to offer, any one you see on a music concert of any kind is a music love and since they love your music, they will surely follow your method of performance and stage presence so you can do any thing or behave any how in a music concert but always know that, the stage presence required for an afrobeat, hip hop, Rnb or any type of music concert of the party type , you need to be rugged, jumping and shouting and you need to move around while performing with great altitude and character to move the crowd.

You may do different in a old school classical music concert because most of the fan if old school and classical music are matured and elderly set of music fans, most are gentle and cool so you need to also perform cool and gentle with sweet voice in this type of concert


When I make use of the word individual parties, I am referring to parties that are organized by individuals or few group, am making reference to birthdays, marriages, home parties and others, your performance method in this party need to be a technical one, first, you need to study the celebrants and the people in attendance, if the celebrant is a youth, know that most of the people in attendance will also be youths, so you can go the hot and jamming way but if the celebrant is elderly, know that the people in attendance will aso be elderly, so you need to go the cool way, if the celebrant is a kid, you need to learn how to carry kids along in a music show because 80% of people that will be in attendance will also be kids.


You need to understand that, most people who attend corporate organization parties are responsible, Educated, business and career minded set of persons, most may not want you to be too lousy or rough on stage and be very careful of the words you use, avoid words that look immoral or irresponsible in nature and when you are performing in government hosted parties , campaigns and inductions, try as much as possible not to be political in nature, try not to side any group or any political party and also remember to give honours to who honour is due.


For you to be able to move and flow well with members of a community which you don’t belong to, you need to allow their culture flow through you immediately you enter the show ground. You need to be social, avoid lateness and anger issues because some community youths can be very dangerous especially in Africa, learn to be hot, perform with full flexibility, this type of performance is very similar to music concert but be very sure you will have a lot of fans and non fans because most community shows are gat fee free, so you need to also know how to carry the non fans along.

They are several type of shows you will attend as a musician but the point is that no matter the show you are invited to perform, first study the celebrant, reason for the show and the people who may be or who are present and know to to perform and follow them, a good stage presence is the one that knows how to carry his fans and non fans along in any stage.


The important of a good stage presence cannot be over emphasized, but I will be listing few importance of a good stage presence irrespective of your music genre or show type

  1. You will have a lot of sold out shows and good after show reports
  2. Fans and non fans will be proud of your performance
  3. You may land yourself a record deal as an upcoming artiste because you don’t know who is in the crowd or you don’t know who you just impressed with your performance
  4. You will have so may shows at every time because of your great and impressive performance
  5. You will be seen as the best among your counterparts and competitors
  6. You will always have great cheers and shouts when your name is mentioned to perform at any place
  7. More money and higher stage performance fee because your demand will be very high
  8. More music collaborations and features because fellow musicians will always want you to perform alongside with them on stage
  9. You will have great endorsement deals
  10. You will always make news headlines after every shoe performance which will be a great boost to your career and fame and a very great promotion method without spending.

Above are very few but very great important reasons why you should have a great stage presence as a musician, singer, artiste or any performing art field.

Dancers are not left out as they also need great stage presence and work hand in hand with musicians.

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