In dept view on the sex for role trends in the Africa film industry

The Africa movie industry like as I earlier said before in my previous article about movies especially the nollywood which is the Nigeria movie industry is one of the fasted rising movie sectors in the world with millions to billions of movies coming out from Nigeria, Ghana, south Africa, Zambia, kenya and other major Africa movie industry.

But they is a great and not to new system which is eating deep into the movie industry and gradually destroying the Africa film hubs and making it look like a bird of rose for untalented girls who are ready to give out their body for roles and making the industries look more difficult for the talented ones who have believed so much on talent alone and not ready to use their body for exchange of any role of any kind.

Recent publications and interviews from female Africa movie stars says that, the sex for role syndrome in the Africa movie industry is really affecting its operations. Producers, directors and other major movie authority won’t give you any movie role without you having to sleep with them an actress said

Another actress also disclosed that, a director walked to her, took her script and gave it to some one else without any major mistake or correction, she said she recalled that the Director wanted her to sleep with him but since she refused, the director used the slightest opportunity to take the script from her and sent her out of the movie set.

We have noticed that this sex for role syndrome is mostly affecting the female up and coming actress as no one can do this to already established acts.

They have been report coming in from not just Nigeria which is the highest producers of movie in the region but also Ghana and south Africa with so many actress complaining of this sex for role trend.

The was a recent case of an interview with a big male name in the movie industry where he said he has used his position and height in the movie industry to rescue so many young actress from the hands of evil producers and directors who use their position to compare, molest and force young teenagers and actress to sleep with them just for movie roles.

In recent times, So many good talent have left the movie industry because if this sex for role trend and this have really caused a great set back to the Nigeria and Africa movie industry. Looking back to the days where Movies were the major entertainment source for many Nigerian and African, this days, the revise is the case, people now prefer music, sports and comedy to movies because of the lack of talent and total unprofessionalism in the movies that are being displayed and popped out to the market this days simply because the major talents and young up and coming movie professional who are not ready to involve in any dirty act for roles have left the industry for other source of income and finance with so many travelling abroad and so many moving into other career parts and business.

The only way for Africa film industries to be able to compete with the rest of the world is for them to run a major rebrand and orientation on this so called sex for role trend.

I believe every country in Africa have an agency or body which is responsible for controlling the entertainment and movie sector, this government agencies or movie regulatory groups should move into action of apprehending the criminal and the bad eggs the in production and directing department. A proper action should be taken whenever any case of forceful or compared sex request is reported or noticed, movies that are directed or produced or that are still in the stage of production with any case of sex for role should be short down, banned or temporary closed group further investigation.

I believe that the only solution to this sex for role syndrome that is eating deep in the movie industry is on the hands of the regulatory agency.

The actress are not also left to be blamed, most of this directors and producers who have been caught on the act said they didn’t force the actress, they always say that all they did is to request for sex and the actress willingly accepted, this is another point to note. Actresses should not give their body to any one for movie roles, if majority of the actress can come in one mind and stick to this law, Most of the producers and Directors who do this will have no choice than to stop because no one will give it to them for any role of any kind.

Actresses should not use their body for role, instead they should focus more on developing their acting skill and improving their acting knowledge by getting further training in movie academies and universities. What is needed in the part of the actress at this time is unity and agreement in their mind because in a state whereby one actress turn down the offer of the producer or director and another accepts, this syndrome won’t stop, it will continue to trend until all or majority of actressin decide not to be giving their body for role in movies.

The worst part of this trend is that, some of this new, up and coming yet to be famous actress who are victims of this sex for role trend don’t even get to be paid after the movie. I have seen several actress and actors complain that they were not paid for the movie the acted even after sleeping with the Director or producer for roles.

The very few who are paid are paid peanuts and unsatisfactory fees, its not a crime to be an upcoming in any field, all upcoming should be treated well and compensated for their labour, they also have similar responsibilities to take care of just like the big stars, while the big movie stars are being paid hundred of thousand and millions in some cases for their roles in roles in movies, the upcoming are acting for free and still get sexually abused and compared in it.

I believe it is all our individual and collective effort to fight and stop this sex for role syndrome which is gradually killing ad eating deep into our Film industries.

My purpose of writing this article is not to condemn the movie industries in Africa but to draw the attention of stake holders, relevant authorities and general public to this bad and immoral trend which is gradually killing our movie industries so it can be stopped and also save our children, sisters, mothers, friends and all the females out there who are interested, passionate and talented in acting from this sex for role trend, you don’t know who will be the next victim, it could be you or your relative, let’s fight to stop this sex for role trend together, together, we can make it happen.

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