How to start acting career in Nigeria movie industry (Nollywod)

Today, I will be focusing on my readers who are interested in acting and who are ready and looking for a way to penetrate into the competitive Nigeria acting industry popularly called Nollywood but are finding it difficult to get into. I will be telling you tips and strategies on how you can easily get into the Nigeria movie industry and not just get into but also make name And become famous in the industry.

Some one might be asking me, why are you focusing on Nigeria alone in this article but the truth is , I don’t live in America , India, China or any where else, I Live in Nigeria so am more familiar with the Nigeria system of movies industry and as an entertainment expert, I was once an aspiring actor and I will be sharing all my experience and also some recommended ways to aide you easy access to the competitive Nigeria movie industry.

Statistics have it that, Nigeria is among the top highest producers of movies in the world and highest in Africa and that alone makes it a very good place to start a acting career, just like the Nigeria afrobeat music industry is booming, so also is the Nigeria movie industry booming too. The industry a have seen famous intentional celebrates pop out from it base, Nollywood have witnessed actresses like Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola and other famous name start from scratch and move to intentional movie scene, the industry have also witnessed actors who have been involved in Hollywood movies, a recent example is the famous comedian and actor Williams Uchemba and others just to mention but a very few, No matter how competitive the industry may look like, don’t let your dreams die, they is always some place to accommodate every one, remember, the sky is big enough for all birds to fly.

Few steps, procedures and method to get into the Nigeria movie Industry as an actor or actress

The following are few steps or method on how you can get into the movie industry as an actor or actress without having to wait for so many years doing nothing

1)Be good at what you do, do personal rehearsals first

For you to be able to have movie roles and even get help from some one or any means you have in mind to enter the industry, you need to be first of all be Good, you need to be very good at acting, no one is not talented, every one have one or more talent so when you have finally discovered you are talented in acting and have decided to follow it to the professional peak, you need to out in your own personal rehearsals, you need to be able to master so many roles on your own, you need to be able to put up some fake act like being able to cry without some one offending you, this is very easy with some few tricks which will may write about some day in this blog, but for now , do your research, use YouTube videos to rehearse, rehearse in front of mirror, see your self as being on set with big directors and actors and act it same way you will do it on set right there in your room, get a friend to video record you while you act a certain role in your room and watch it afterward, this will enable you know if you are improving or not and will also let you discover the role you can fit in better.

2) Go for auditions

Sorry to say, but this is another good method to easily enter the movie industry in Nigeria, every day, big producers and other movie production firms organizes auditions for actors and actress for Full movies, cinema movies, TV series and others, do your self the favour, register for this auditions which most of them are online and free, attend the auditions, out in your best and see how it goes, you might just be among the lucky people who will be selected for a movie role in a big movie with some big names and from there, your career may just get going up and up

3) Join a production group or company

I have seen so many production groups and companies calling for actors and actress to come join them or purchase their form, please take this step if you can afford it, yes, it will always come with expenses because you need to pay some few fees and even buy their form, most Nigeria production company forms goes between 10, 000 to 30,000 naira depending on the size of the company, join one, this will enable you get into many roles in the industry without much stress

4) Get close to a big name, producers and directors

This is another fast means to also join and rise in the industry, getting close to a big and already famous actor or actress, producer and Directors will surely pave way for your easily. An example of some one who made it through this means is Regina Daniels, yes, she had her mom who was a big name and AGN ( Actors guide of Nigeria) Delta state Chairperson so it was so easy for her to get roles whenever she is free because her mom will always take her to movie sets and make the producer or director offer her some roles if available and that is how she grew big in the industry she said.

Producers and Directors will always call you for some roles if you are close to them and they will always call you when they ate handling jobs or they have movies at hand so you can get into one or more roles. Look for a producer or Director around you who is handling Nollywood based Movies and get close to him, you most not start from the too, start from where you are.

5) Join a local movie production group around you and also Join a drama group

You can join a local or tribal movie production around you, they are so many movie production companies or groups who don’t do Nollywood standard movies, they only produce movies for their tribe or religion , you can start from there, join them, this is not where you are going to be, this is just a training ground for you to be able to face the bigger Nollywood set, You can also Join A drama group, may be in your school, Church, area or so, just get one and join, its all for training and it will keep your passion up at all time. Remember to always be using the other points to search for opportunities to get a movie role in a standard Bollywood films even as you are in this local groups, always have in mind that this is not your place, so always strive for the best and higher and You don’t know how you are going to meet your helper, your helper may see you in that local film or on a drama set in your church or any where, may like the way you acted your role and may decide to help you into the big industry, you can never tell who is a producer or Director, they may just be in that crows you are acting your drama to or may just accidentally meet your local movie in some where and decide to take a look

6) Start an internet video comedy skit

Yes, so many big names in the movie industry have erupted from this process, it is trending at this times because it is very affordable, cheap and free, people watch short comedy videos from their devices such as phone and computers systems in their office or any where so you will usrely get a big famous is you are good at comedy and acting and you may just get so may Nollywood roles afterward, people like Broad shaggi, make Angel and others are example of Nigerians who got to a acting top fame with online comedy skit and you know the goods new here, it is very easy and cheap to start as an actor, a you need is an idea, being funny and good at acting, camera set, boom mic, light and few cast, you can start small by using your phone this will automatically count camera, boom mic, light out of it because the phone as it all.

Get a good camera phone, write a funny script, get your friends who are funny and good at acting to join you, get a friend to handle the camera, get little editing skill using instashot or Viva video or any other video mobile video editing app but I recommend the two above, Get started and film your self’s, you can start from your room, after editing the video, share online on YouTube, Instagram, facebook and WhatsApp, get enough followers and fans, then go on YouTube to be able to monitize your videos is you want

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