How to promote your song to the whole world without a record label in Nigeria

I will be writing vividly to discuss on how you can promote your song as an upcoming artiste to reach the whole world without the help of a record label. A record label is not an assurance that you will blow, I have seen several upcoming artiste get signed into major record label and still they fail to blow or make it in the music industry, they are thorns of several record label out there, several of this music record lajust are not even what being called a music record label as they hardly have any reasonable thing to offer to this artiste. I have seen little producers with small studios without enough capital to even care for the need of the artiste turn their small sub standard music recording studio into a record label and start signing illegal and unregistered contracts with artiste all in the name of music label.

What is a music record label:

A music record label in a common man understanding is simply a company or an organization which is involved in the production, marketing, training and taking care of music and artistes.

A music record label is a company and not a cheap organisation where some one can just wake up and start up. A music record label needs to be registered in with the appropriately authority, Nigeria for example, a music record label should be registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) and must also have lawyers and legal documents to back up their signings and agreements.

A music record label is not a cheap something, any one who will be going into music record label company business should have a deep pocket and should be able to sponsor the artiste and also take care of the basic needs of the artiste including accommodation, clothing and some times feeding at the first stage of the artiste growth. Example of major and big music record labels in Nigeria are mavin global formally mavin records, Davido music worldwide( DMW) Starboy records, Dem mama record, YBNL, Dr dollor entertainment, dagogo records, doro music gang, made men music group, Sony music west Africa, and. A lot more but just to mention a few.


An artiste to my understanding is some that makes music and record songs for the public. The are so many music singers out there in the crones and coroner’s of a typical Nigeria area but that doesn’t make them an artiste, you can be very good at singing with a fantastic voice but you are not an artiste, you are just a singer, any one who have not recorded songs in the studio yet for the public listening and pleasure is not yet an artiste, for your to be able to benefit from my article today, you need to be an artiste , that means you need to have recorded songs in the studio for the public or you are planning to do so. An example of a typical Nigeria artiste is 2face, Davido, wizkid, burna boy, Rema, Kizz Daniel, Beza, fireboy, Joeboy and many more just to mention but a very few.


To promote yourself as an independent artiste is not a cheap and easy work, you need to have certain skills and criteria for you to be able to do this alone, as you know, a record label is a sponsor just like Education for example, it is very hard to school and graduate without a sponsor, so is music, only few people can make it in this competitive music industry and only those who will practice and read this article will make it big because this is an eye opener for all independent artiste


The internet is the fastest and cheapest means to promote your song, must times , you don’t need to spend at all or you only have to spend very small.

When I mean use the internet, you need to make very good use of blogs, you can do a lot of music promotions in blogs just like tooxclusive, naijaloaded, 9jaflaver and a lot of them for a very cheap and affordable price, remember , even if you use radio or TV, some one may love your song and the only means he or she can get it for personal and private use is only through the internet which must Nigerians prefer to download than to stream so you must use the blogs and this blogs mentioned above have very high traffic from music lovers all over Africa


You can promote your songs to friend and general public through great social networks especially networks like Facebook, Instagram and twitter but I will highly recommend Facebook and Instagram as an up and coming artiste, you can run cheap Facebook ads with a blog link where by your song can be downloaded, you van share the blog sink on your timeline, pages and groups for free to reach friend and other people within your limit. Remember, a good song will also promote it self, if I hear your song and it make sense, I will share with others and remember to always had the caption ”please help me share ” to your posts and you can also do same on Instagram, in Instagram, you can run Instagram ads, promote videos and other posts or music art work with hash tags and others, this will make you get more followers and gain for popularity and always remember to tag your favourite celebrity or those who you think they can help you due to your music genre in all your songs and freestyles.


Yes, this also works very fine just that you may need to be a blogger or have a blogger as a friend to keep this going, news and stories about you on the internet and news medias will keep you on air play, take Davido for example, he is very successful because he is always the talk of the town every day on the internet, he is always doing some thing that will make him trend and the likes of Peruzzi, tekno, soft, naira Marley and zlatan are fast learning from him.

Create controversial post on your twitter or Instagram, get a news blogger to blog about it in a news format, share it on social networks and watch how it goes, people may likely hear about your gist and decided to search about your or hour song on the internet and this will playif them to download it because the want to hear what you have to offer.


I know many people believe radio airplay is free but this is far from the truth, do most radio stations pegged it as free, just submit CD and go but the truth is that, so many upcoming artiste submits CDs every day and only few out of millions get played, why just few, this is a question you will ask your self. The radio can’t play all up and coming song because people and listeners are not interested in them but only the big stars so they only pick few at random and play if it is really interesting.

For you to stand out among the others, you need little investment, every one needs money no matter how small according to erigga industrial nite. Check out on the OAPs, DJs and other who are handling major radio stations especially in your state and Lagos, give them little encouragement token in form of appreciation and see if your songs won’t be on air the next day, it will, am telling you, it will. This is another major means of promotions, the first time I heard Joeboy baby was on sound city radio and I loved the song so I decided to download it immediately, so many people will hear about you and your song through radios.


They are so many Television stations which are dedicated and customized to only play Africa and Nigeria music’s, example of those stations are hip TV, soundcity, tracetv, afromusic Africa and A lot more.

Note that this is only possible if you have a good and high quality music and music video. Use one of the above mentioned stations for music video promotion, submit your track for free, wait for few weeks , it it doesn’t get played, you can connect with the Tav and ask for their promotion package , this may cost you a lot but remember, music is expensive so you must get ready to spend or if possible use a presenter or track list organizer and get your song in one of their must views track list and see how far and famous you will become, most Nigeria and Africa music lovers watch the above mentioned stations including MTV base.


Get a job or business because this will be the only way you can survive in the Industry, you need to have another source of income because as an upcoming, no one pays you to perform and even if you are paid, its just miner changes. Your side job or business will be your source of income to take care of your self and also use to sponsor and push your music career, like as I have always said, music production to promotion is expensive so you need money to be able to keep up your gain.

I will advice you as an artiste to get a good education or learn a trade, this way will help you quickly get an higher paying job or self employment with good income to be able to sponsor your self in this expensive music Industry.

Music is very expensive but they is a lot of money and goodies in it, its another hard to blow or get to the top in Nigeria music but it requires dedication, hard work, consistency and also spendings. Apply the above 6 tips and your music will move to the next greater height in the industry. I wish every up and coming artiste Good luck

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