The important of Setting a Good goal for your relationship

Today on knaija, i will be discussing why you should set a goal for your current relationship, many people do go into relationship without goals or what they hope to achieve in their relationship with their partners, that is probably the reason why most relationships fail.

Setting a good goal for your relationship is what will lead you all through out the dating and courtship period, this will strengthen the relationship and will lead to a great focus by both partners.

What is a relationship goal

I will love to first start by defining in a common understanding the meaning of relationship goal.

A relationship goal is what both party hope to achieve at the end if the relationship, its also what will the relationship lead to.

Many relationship currently under dating stage is without goal and focus, you can’t be dating a girl or a guy without a dream of marriage with the person, Such relationship is without focus and will lead to nothing, I consider this relationship as childish and not matured, its a relationship for the teens.

Every reasonable individuals above the age of 20 should be focused in their relationship, they should not just enter into any relationship for dating sake but they should have a mutual focus on what the relationship will lead to especially the female parties

What happens when your relationship is without a common goal

A lot will happen and go wrong, when a relationship is Without a common goal, that means they is no aim to work towards in the relationship and any body or group without a aim and guild line will end up achieving nothing and in disunity.

Any relationship without a goal will surely crash on the line, no relationship without a goal lasts, all the relationship I see that was entered on the foundation of sex and casual activities just for fun never saw the light of the day. If you really want to build a long lasting relationship, you must set a goal together in one mind

Now let discuss why you should set a good goal for your relationship and what type of goal to set

What type of goal to set for your current dating relationship

The best and most profitable goal to set in your relationship is a goal of marriage, any goal in relationship that is not of marriage is not a good goal, you should be focus and all your activities all through out your dating period should be done with the intention that you both will surely get married.


I want to list few reasons why its very good to set a goal in your relationship and I believe this reasons will be very helpful to you. The reasons are :


A relationship with a goal will lead to a great and better focus, it will make you focus more and will make you to forget about distractions and other stumbling blocks on the way to achieve your goal.


A good relationship goal will surely lead to great determination with great work to achieve your determination, determination is the force that will surely keep you going and trying no matter what the condition or situation may be.


A good relationship goal will make you to totally avoid cheating in your relationship, you won’t like to cheat on your partner when you know both of you have a great goal that will lead to marriage


Setting a marriage goal in your relationship will surely strengthen the relationship and increase your love together and this will avoid unnecessary break up because it will be had to just dump a relationship you have built all this years with a great and common goal.


A good relationship gaol will surely strengthen your relationship bond and love beyond limit, please always not that when I use the word relationship goal in this article, am talking about marriage. You will surely be bonded to some one you are planning to marry than some one that you are not and you will love him/her better and won’t love to hurt your future husband or wife.

6) You will achieve more in your career

You will achieve more in life and in your career because they will be a great sharing of knowledge and wisdom together, some one you want to marry, you won’t like his or her business to fail, you will always support each other in ideas, funds and others that will make them achieve success in life because of your future plans together, no one will live to suffer in the future


This is for the guys especially, some girls just want to date you for nothing else but your money and gifts, so they tend to always demand and ask for money a and gifts unnecessary because that is their goal in the relationship but when you have a marriage relationship goal together, she won’t ask much because she won’t love to ruin and run you down because you are her future husband


A great and perfect relationship goal which is marriage will lead to more understanding, you will understand each other better, you will take your time to study him or her to know their full character, likes and dislikes, hobbies etc to know if you can Marry him or her.

Marriage relationship goal will surely widing and increase your understanding and knowledge rate of each other.


A good relationship and dating goal will increase the corporation both of you share together, it will lead to more togetherness, both of you will surely and will always corporate and work together because the goal is of marriage and you want to make the best for your future kids and family.


A lot of people suffer from heart breaks every day because of relationship lack of focus, when your relationship is without focus, any of the partners can easily decide to harm the other or leave at any time, no one wants to waste his or her time dating some one that he or she won’t marry, one day the man or the woman can just wake up and say, its over and this relationship will die and this may be of great heartbreak to the other who is ready for the relationship, the guy or the girl may have good intentions in the relationship but the other may not and when breakups happens, the one with good intentions for the relationship suffers a lot of heartbreak issues that is why it is very important for both parties involved in the relationship to set and have a common goal together and that goal should be marriage

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