The husband or the wife, who should be the bread winner?

I am out on writing another dynamic article on marriage and marital progress again. I have received so many message from friends, fans and a lot of people asking me that who should be the bread winner of the home.

I recently handled a case of a man and a woman who have been married for 7 years now with no kid in Lagos, Nigeria. This case is a a pathetic one because of the case, I discovered that , over the paste 3 years if the marriage lately, the woman have been the one taking care of the family and we all know that in Africa culture, the man is suppose to provide and take care of all the need of the family, this resulted to one day crises in the marriage, the man lost his job last three years and since then, its has been the woman handling the family affairs.

After I was done handling that case, I said am gonna write on this, I want to discuss to my reader who is suppose to be the bread winner if the home

Who is a bread winner

A bread winner is the person that provide and take care of the need of the entire family. He provides for every one in the family both his of her spouse, children and may be other family member who lives around.

Is it compulsory that the man should be the bread winner

It is not compulsory that the man should be the bread winner but its necessary, as a man its you God given responsibility to take care if your wife and children, even if you are facing financial problem, your wife can be the bread winner but not for long, try and do any thing possible to get back to your stand and regain back your position in the family as the bread winner.

The woman is just a helper, she can assist you and the family financially but its not her job to handle the major duty and obligations in the family like paying of house rents, children fees, feeding and others.

What happens when a woman becomes the bread winner

In most cases in Africa, a lot happens but I don’t want to discuss this things that happens one by one, I will love to say that only few women with good heart and love for their family will continue being same way and give their husband 100% maximum respect when they become the bread winner

A lot of men, lost their respect because the wife is taking care of the family, some women will begin to see themselves as the man of the house, its not a crime for a woman to be the read winner but a lot do go wrong in this position

Is there any legal law that says the man must be the bread winner?

don’t think they is any law that says the man must be the bread winner in any country, marriage is a choice and being a bread winner is opportunity and also choice, when I mean opportunity, so many men wants to be the bread winner but due to financially backwardness and other issues, they are unable to take care if the family needs , this automatically makes the wife the bread winner.

They might be no government or legislative law that the husband must be the bread winner but they is a cultural and religious norm that the man must be the bread winner and provide for the family especially in Africa and worldwide I guess.

Can any one else outside father and mother be the bread winner

They is a popular saying that goes by ” your parents take Carr of you when you are young but its your responsibility to take care of them when they are old”

Some times, the grown up and working children can be the bread winner, especially in a case whereby the parents ate old or both are not working.

They are also some conditions whereby other family member who are not father, mother or children do the bread winning of the family especially when they are staying with the family and the family is financially down, they some times, take it upon them self to provide for the family since they are the only one stable financially.

So who should be the bread winner?

To my own point of view and according to culture, nature and religious opinions and norms, the man who is the head if the family should be the bread winner of the family, if they is any reason why the man can’t provide for the family, it should be temporal and in a short period of time, the man should do everything possible to get back to his financial state and provide for his wife , children and other family member if they is any financial problem he is currently facing that is stopping him from being the bread winner at this moment.

The woman is an help mate and should also assist the husband in proving for the family wants, no woman should be a full time house wife, get a job, get a business or do some thing to assist your husband financially at least you can handle the minor financial needs of the family and also take care of your own personal need.

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