Ladies, See why you should stick to a man with vision and not all about money

Recently all over the world, girls and young ladies are all about money and what they will gain financially in a relationship and marriage, they don’t care about the future and the vision if the man.

I have seen situations whereby girls leave their loving boy friend or husband just because of money, I have seen girls use words like ”I don’t date guys who do not have cars or don’t have money ”, ” i cant get married to poor man ” ,” I can’t Continue with this man in this marriage oh , I never knew he was this poor ” . This have made many girls leave their loving and future ambitious boyfriend and relationship partners just because of money and material things and some times, this guys end up being great and powerful people in the world in the nearest future.

A typical case of the scenario above is the recent case of Nigeria Footballer Ighalo, in a recent publication I lead online in a Nigeria news agency and blog dailytimes, ighalo who is now a professional footballer earning millions weekly said that his loving girlfriend left him just because he wasn’t rich back then. I can imaging the pains and regret that might be going through the mind of the girl seeing ighalo play football on TV and earning millions weekly.

One major factor to consider in a relationship is not money, it should be the vision, goal and desire for Excellence in the mind of the man and his actions to achieve that goal in the nearest future, I have seen several girls who regret Patten ways with their formal boyfriend just because of money, most end up which a rich guy who probably have a major date, he just want to flirt with you and dump you, after this dumping, most girls regret and some go into prostitution popularly called runz in a Nigeria street slang.

I am placing this topic under the general relation section or category of this blog because its not just only about those dating, it also goes alon way to affect marriages and families, so many marriages have broken because may be the husband lost the job or he had a major down fall in his business, the woman will just park her load and d leave the marriage simply because the man is not longer rich.

I want to discuss below in details, why you as a lady should stick to a guy whether your boyfriend or your husband with great vision, not all about money, am not saying money is bad, its Alps very important in a relationship but what am trying to point out here is that, money is not everything.

Why you should stick to guys with vision

Vision is what you dream or imaging of becoming or achieving in the future or what you aim to achieve in any project. Vision alone is not enough, it also take great hardworking and consistency to achieve your vision.

Below are few reasons why you should stick to guys with great vision and working towards achieving it

1)They will love you better when they finally achieve their vision

This is the simple truth, they will surely love you to the core because you where there when they where husking and struggling yo survive. I recently came across a man who told me that he may be flirting with other woman but he will never take his wife for a joke, when I asked him why, he said, she was there with me when I had nothing, I respect and love her so much. No guy will easily dump a girl who stayed with them during the hard times, you are the first lady of the home and the properties and he will love you so much, whenever he remembers how you suffered together, he can’t let you go but you see some that have made money already before you came in, they will see you as a gold digger who came to reap when she did not sow .

2) You will have a story to tell your kids about how their father made his money

I have seen so many women who are married and can’t even tell their kids how their father was when he had no money because they don’t know, they were not there when he was struggling, they where only married into wealth and riches.

At least, when you struggle with him, knowing that he has a great vision and working towards achieving it, you will have a lot to tell your kids about the struggle if their father and how you both managed to make it together.

3) He will always respect your opinion

You where they when he had nothing, he will always respect your opinion no matter what, he will always follow your advice’s and suggestions because he will always see you as a virtuous woman with great intellect and understanding, when he remembers how you advised and worked with him till he achieved his dreams, he will respect and obey your opinions

4) You won’t regret later

yes, you won’t regret why you didn’t leave him, I have seen so many girls regret why they left the formal boyfriend or husband for a new one after the guy( formal boyfriend or husband) might have made a lot of money and achieves his dream and may be the financial state of the current guy is now in mess and totally down. I have also seen girl who go back to apologize to their formal husband after a divorce just because of financially down time and now, he is now doing well. Stick to your man and you won’t regret why you didn’t leave but before making up your mind to stick to a man, make sure he has a great and clear vision in life and he is working tirelessly to achieve it day and night.


you will always be proud to say to both him or any one that you suffered a lot with him, you can boast with is wealth with full confidence because you know when and how it was made, you Willa always be proud to remind him that you are not here for his money whenever he wants to misbehave and he will calm down because he knows that truly, you are not here for his money and your kids will surely be proud of you

6) He will sacrifice a lot for you

I have seen men spend a lot of money and lavish a lot on their wife’s or girlfriend’s birthday and when I tried to ask or investigate why, I discover that the woman was there for them when they had nothing. A typical case of this point is the case of E money, a Nigeria business car clearing and forwarding agent and a music record CEO 5 star music, he spend millions if Nigeria naira on his wife birthday and when he was interviewed why he had to spend that much on his wife birthday, he said his wife was his greatest motivation when times where hard, he continued by saying nothing is too expensive for him to do for his wife.

A man or a guy can sacrifice a lot for you especially when you struggled with them in their hard time, they will never let you lack or sad because you will always be on their mind.

7) You will be a motivation to so many other like mind couples or partners

They will surely be so many other couples or relationship partners who will surely experience and pass through the state you have passed through, as you know, life continues and many are yet to be born.

When you stick to your man with great vision and later in life by God’s grace, you both achieved your vision and goal in life, your story will be a great source of inspiration and motivation for those couples and partners who will be facing the same or similar challenge just like the case of so many relationship of great families, men and women today that is an inspiration and motivation to you and so many others who are determined to work along with their partner to achieve a great vision and success in life no matter what the current condition may be, so your story will also be to others when you both finally achieve your vision and dreams.

You can even go a long way by putting up your story and experience in a relationship book or make a movie story with it and it will be of great help to the younger generation who may go through similar condition with you.

I hope this article was helpful, we look forward to having you back on our site for great relationship and marital tip.

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