Does your relationship partner really loves you?

This is a question many young couples and relationship partners need to answer, is that boy or guy you are dating or married to really passionate about you with full love or may be he or she is just forming a cool cat with bad intentions of later dumping you for another or may be he is not treating you well in that marriage, this is one major question you need to ask yourself.

In this article if today, I will be writing to clearly identify if your partner loves you, I will be dropping tips on how you will know if he or she really loves you. The major problem here is not just dating relationship, its also affects marital relationships, some people have entered into marriages without love, so many are regretting getting married to that man or woman, no peace in the family, every day fights and quarrel.

I was recently settling a case of a woman and a man who have been married for close to 10 years, yes, 10 years and that is mind blowing already, they have been married for ten years, only for the man to wake up to the woman without even considering the age of the marriage and the number of kids and tell her, am divorcing, what, you are divorcing after ten years for no reason, why? I ask, the man continued telling me that he has never loved his wife, he said he got married to her out of the fact that, she became pregnant and was compared by the family to Marry her, this was a serious case and the woman have to agree for the divorce because the man have categorically said that he doesn’t love her even after 20 years, this lead to a break up in a marriage if 10 solid Yeats with 2 kids

Do many broken families and homes today is as a result if no love and our youths this days are list in the heart of wealth and gifts that they do not focus on the love any more, or they care of is money and gifts especially the female partners.

You need to take some time out noe and rethink if your partner really loves you whether you are married or not, this is a vital point you need to consider now, am not encouraging divorce but they may be other approach to settle this love issue because no marriage will have peace without love, it may last because of endurance but it won’t know peace and both of you will never be happy in that marriage.

I know of a man who does not come home early all day even do he closes early at work, he may close around 6pm Nigeria time and get home by 10:40 pm Nigeria time, when I ask him why he doesn’t love going home, he replied ” my girlfriend lives with me, we are not married yet, I don’t love her at all, I only wanted to sleep with her and go but she become too serious with me, she had an accommodation issue and I decided to accommodate her then so I can have my way into her, yes , I have gotten my way several times and she have refused to go, she is even pregnant for me already so I can’t tell her to leave with my unborn child and I don’t want to make her feel bad and my family and her family is already aware of our relationship as a result of the pregnancy, I don’t want to marry her, I hate seeing her face, that is why I don’t go home always”.

They is no way I can settle this issue long because they are not yet married yet and he is already saying he does not love her at all, I can’t force him to Marry some one he said he hates seeing her face, I only recommended that he should let her bear the child and let the child grow up a bite to may be some months or a year, then he can both of them can talk things out and let the woman go her way, then he can give the child to his mother or the woman Can go with the child but you have to be providing them accommodation, you can rent some where else and make sure you also provide for them all their needs if the woman is going with the child plus a weekly or monthly allowance for the child up keep.

They is no proven way to identify when your partner does not love you, but I will only drop few points according to my experience which are below

  • They always stay late night out
  • They are not always happy with you even when you did nothing
  • They don’t always like and appreciate your efforts and foods
  • They laugh outside but sad at home
  • They hardly provide for you even when you know they have
  • They flirt a lot
  • They are always secretive with you
  • They don’t want you to know their family (dating)
  • They always give excuses why they didn’t make it to an occasions in your family or visits you
  • They don’t call or text you
  • They don’t always answer or pick your calls and messages
  • They will never post your pictures or flaunt you online and on social medias
  • They don’t always introduce you to family and friends
  • They always involve you in domestic violence and relationship crises
  • They are double daters and cheaters.

They are so many things to write about on this topic and a lot of ways to know if your relationship partner loves you of not but I will leave you by saying, study your relationship and partner carefully, study your marriage careful, if you notice any trace if total lack of love, talk things out in a marriage, if it doesn’t work, you can employ other measures like quitting but if its s relationship yet to lead to marriage, if you notice no love at all, ask him or her why they are behaving that way, if no reasonable response or answer, please I advice you to quit that relationship because it’s not going to end up well without total love from both parties (man and woman).

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