Possible reasons why she refused your marriage proposal ( why your date refused to marry you)

They are several reasons that can lead to a woman saying No to your marriage proposal even after dating for several years or months as the case may be

I recently came across a video on Facebook were by the man knelt down in a restaurant to propose to a girl only for the girl to turn down the mans offer, the man go furious, collected all the things he bought for the girl that was on the girl at that point, he collected the food he bought and angrily left the restaurant, what an embarrassing moment for the boy and the girl, all eyes was on them but still, she said no, in my research on the video, I discovered that the man travelled all the way from Miami in united states of America down to Nigeria just to propose to his old time long awaited girlfriend but she said no. What could be the cause of her no, is it that she doesn’t like the man and she has been dating the man all this years, buying her gifts and a lot of things,

In this article on relationship and marriage today, I want to treat very important reasons why your girlfriend said no when you proposed to her, this word no in most case means the end of the relationship because no one will continue dating some one who have publicly or privately refused to marry you, that means they is no future in the relationship.

Below are very important reasons you need to look into on why she probably refused to marry you.


They is a high rate of probability that you have anger issues that is why she said no, no one will love to marry some one that easily gets angry all the time over little issues, they may persist and date you all year but when it comes to marriage which in Africa culture , is a life time something, most girl consider a lot of things before saying yes, probably this is one reason why she said no


They is a high level of tendency that she is into another relationship that is why she said no to you. Probably, you are not her main guy, you may be a side guy, they may be some one else some where she loves so dearly better than you and she can’t leave that person for you or any one.

3) She probably don’t like the character of your family:

Most girls who don’t like the way your parents or family at large behaves towards her may manage to date you but won’t like to marry you, they will surely say no to your marriage proposal because marriage is some thing that is far bigger to consider than just dating relationship and marriage is something that also involves your family.

4) She believes that you are cheating but decided not to marry you and only date you.

She might have this impression that you are cheating on her or she might have caught you in one or two point cheating on her. She might have decided in her mind to just date you and not marry you because you are a cheat and can’t end up her life with you

5) You are not a type of person she can spend the rest of her life with:

May be you are not the type of person she can spend her life time with, you are only a dating material and not a marriage material, she can’t spend the rest of her life with you, you are not up to her standard of man for marriage, may be , you probably need to work more on your finance and character

6) She is not yet ready for marriage

She might not ready for marriage, she might have a lot of things she is still doing or a lot of project she is still carrying out and need to complete before marriage plans

7) She still want to flirt:

They is a very high probability that she still want to flirt, she is not done flirting, she still want to enjoy her life, flex with several men, club , party etc that is why she probably said no

8) You are not financially capable yet

She believes that you are not financially capable yet, she believes that you are not balances yet to take care of her when it comes to marriage, she believes that you can’t afford her better life than her father and you can’t take care of her kids and family members who will surely come for visit

9)She might have heard rumours about you that want cool

She might have heard a lot of negative things about you, she might have heard things that you did in the secret or in the past both the true and false, this might be the reasons she don’t want to spend her life time with you but can’t tell you so she can only say no

10) She believes your financial income is not legit, she just want to eat and go

You might be into fraud or scam or any dubious means to make money, not all girls want to Marry a fraudster, some just want to eat your money and go, no one likes criminals , check your self, this might be why she said no

11) She might be considering Educational class:

She might be dating you before she got her education, now she is educated and may be you are not, you are not longer in same class, so she don’t want to marry you, she don’t want to tell you so she won’t break your heart and you won’t feel bad but she can only say no to your proposal

12) She doesn’t like your Job type

Probably she doesn’t like your job type, may be she loves men with white cola jobs, you work dirty and she doesn’t want to end up with you.

13) She might be considering her age mate:

May be non of her age mate is married yet, she believes you are rushing her and she is not yet ready at all for marriage, she may be seeing her self as too you for marriage

14) Your character is not cool

May be your character is not cool with her, she does not like the way your act, behave or do a lot of things, she can only manage and date you with your character and not Marry you, she won’t tell you, she will only say no

15) You might be dirty:

You might be a dirty man or boy, she doesn’t not like dirty people, you don’t shave properly, your house is always looking dirty and unkept, you smell, etc ,that is why she does not want to marry you

Check yourself and are if you are doing any thin in a wrong , amend and change from it and try a new relationship.

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