How to stay away from marital violence, apply this 10 tips

Wow today, I will be focusing not in relationship but also in marriage, I will be listing 10 major keys to stay away from marital quarrels, fights and crises.

Have settled and witnessed so many marital violence, the recent case I saw was a typical case of a Lagos man who beat up his wife blue and back simply because the wife did cook on time, to you, that may be a very lousy excuse to beat up your wife because they may be several reasons why she didn’t cook on time but I can bet you, this wasn’t not the major reason the man raised such anger and violence on the wife, do, this was what resulted in the fight of that day but when I researched more on the on the husband side, the man categorically told me that the wife is used to talking with friends every day till around 10pm, then she will remember she wants to cook, the man said since he marriage the wife, he had been eating late mode night every day and he is just tired of his wife character that is why he decided to discipline the wife a little.

I will like to say they are many reasons for marital violence and aggression which most times, the woman is the victim of the situation because the man’s power is always stronger than the female.

Below are few tips you can apply in your day to day activities as a woman and also a man to avoid marital icon in your marriage.


I don’t need to discuss so much details on this, even in the bible, religious books and cultural norms, we are compared and told to always obey our husband as women and men should also cherish and love their wife, some women are naturally very stubborn, they like to act as if they have all the full right in the house, yes, you have your rights as a woman and as a wife but you should always learn to obey your husband especially if your husband is a violent type, this will go along way in controlling his anger.


Marriage should be all about understanding, I wonder why some couples do have a lot of issues because of lake of understanding, you are supposed to understand each other both the man and the woman, you should understand their mode swing , when to do and when not to do some kind of things and when they are not happy and you should always know things that will make them happy when they are sad and you should know how to bring down their anger when they are very angry. As couples, you needed to understand each other so much


Don’t you ever as a woman talk back at your husband when he is angry, the best way to control a mans anger is to kept quit when he is talking, he wont hit you, you will only worsen matters when you talk back when he is talking, this may lead him to hit you hard.

Dont keep late night

When I mean don’t keep late night, I mean don’t always come back home very late at night, if at all any scene happens at work or on the way that will require you to come back home very late at night, do yourself the good by calling him or her and save your self the stress of suspection and violent act.

Avoid Too much opposite sex friendships

Avoiding too much closeness or friendship with the opposite sex will go along way in increasing the trust of your spouse on you and this will lead to little or no suspection and will caught down the rate of marital violence in your home, I have seen men who beat up their wife’s because they think they are cheating only to later discover its just ordinary casual friendship.

Avoid alcohol and Marijuana

Alcohols and marijuana popularly called India helm, Arizona, igboo or so many other slang name they might have given to it is a very high and dangerous stimulant, this drugs and alcohol make you lose your focus, you get intoxicated and beat up your wife without no reason or you do some thing that will make your husband beat you up without your full knowledge of what you are doing. As a married man or woman, avoid the above mentioned things.

Try to always provide for the family as a man

As a man, its our responsibility to always provide for the family, we are the head and most times, the bread winners, try all you can to always meet the request of the family especially the basic need of life, you should always provide for your wife and children any thing they want provided its achievable and reasonable, if they is any reason you can’t, try and make your wife understand the condition on ground and promise her you will provide next time.

Always disclose your financial state and income range

This will go along way in helping you and your family stand stronger with each other, this will make her know how much you earns and she will tend to live in her and her husband means, I have seen people have issues in marriage because the woman thinks the husband is rich as as money when he is actually just managing to survive.

When you and your spouse no each other income source and amount, you will knwo when it is finished , when to manage and when to enjoy, this will go along way in making your marriage better and more understanding

Avoid lies

Avoid lies, this is a major cause if problem and violence in marriage, I was reading a story the other day of a man who beat up his wife and removed her teeth’s because the DNA test which was requested by the embassy as a requirement for the family travel was proven negative, that means three of the man’s children are not originally his and the wife knew all this while and kept it and keep lying to the man this issue lead to a marital violence and may lead to a breakup, lies kills but no one will kill you if you always say the truth and this will also go along way in increasing the truth your spouse have on you.

Stay away from cheating and your EX(s)

Always stay away from cheating, this is a great marriage killer, I know some cheats are not intentional as the body can easily respond to stimuli and call from opposite partner especially on a secret corner or room that is why you should stay away from you ex(s) because they are the one who will surely lead you to cheat even when they know you are married and its more difficult to resist some one you might have loved before or even slept with several times before than a new one, ex(s) are marriage breakers, stay away from them

Avoid secret outings, corners, clubs and others places without opposite sex who is not your husband or wife even do they might be just friends

Avoid secret corners, avoid clubs, avoid parties without your husband consent especially with opposite sex.

They might be just friend but it will only take God’s grace for your husband or wife to understand that that guy or girl he saw both of you at a bar, club or dark lonely corners are just your friends, this will surely cause marital crises, fight , quarrel, lose if trust and if possible may end the marriage and lead to great marital violence and the bad thing about this point is that, even if your husband or wife didn’t see both of you, a relative, friend or love ones may see you and report to your husband.

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